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I'm impressed with all the canning. I just eat as much as I can and give the rest away. But then mid-winter, I regret that I didn't try canning!


Everything I've read about home canning recommends eating things within a year, but like most rules I ignore them. I think something like chutney would last for years and years if properly sealed. I don't see many people using wax for canning anymore, it's another one of those arcane skills that are disappearing.

John Curtin

Give canning a go - you've put the effort into growing and a little more and you'll be enjoying the fruits of you labour for longer!

John Curtin

I suppose if you haven't eaten what you've canned within the year you've either made too much or you are not so keen on it anyway. I've just finished some two year old plum jam - it crystalised and became sweeter over time but apart from that no problem ....yet

Sarah AKA She Who Digs

Re Wax disks: I made my first ever batch of chutney on Saturday (marrow & ginger) but didn't put anything in the top of the jars- just filled them completely while still hot and turned them up side down to make the safety button suck down. Will they be ok to store? thanks,

John Curtin


I think it will be fine. You've sterilised the jars and it seems created a seal with the lid - I've no experience with jars with a safety button.

I use the wax discs on the theory that the wax melts to form a seal.But I'm not so sure how effective this is as the discs you buy are invariably slightly smaller than the diameter of the jar.

And if you think about it you've sealed the jar anyway with the lid so the chances of air getting to the chutney is slim. Also the sugar and vinegar will act as a preservative.

I'm also pretty sure you'll be ok because last week I opened a jar of August 05 vintage chutney and couldn't find the wax disc. Either it dissolved in the vinegar or I never put it on top. The chutney tasted just fine.

Marrow and ginger - sounds pretty zippy to me!



I'm still eating chutney I made in 1999 - it tastes better each year. Not so the pumpkin soup I made last autumn though. It went off before Christmas. Next time I'll freeze it.

It's great to find someone who still bottles and preserves as you do.

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