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Courgette Chutney? Sounds delicious, would you mind sharing the recipe?

John Curtin

Sure Steven. We call them courgettes, you're more familiar with zucchini.

2lb tomatoes chopped. I don't bother skinning them.

1lb onion chopped

1lb chopped cooking apples

2lb zucchini chopped. I use the older bigger ones, scrapping out the wooly and seedy centre. The more zukes you use the paler will be the final product

1 pint of malt vinegar, white if you want a pale colour to the chutney, dark if you want it darker. You may have to add a bit more to bring to a simmer. I don't buy 'pickling' vinegars because they are pre spiced and don't like the flavour.

10oz of seedless raisins

14oz of sugar (any colour, I prefer dark as it helps make a richer looking chutney)

salt and pepper to taste.

I don't use any other spices as I like the cleaner flavours of the ingredients to come through. But you could experiment with chilli, ginger, mixed spice.

Also you can alter the proportion of tomatoes, zukes, onion etc to suit what produce you have to hand. Add some cooking apples perhaps, up the onions or tomatoes or zukes if you have a glut.

Combine all ingredients in a large saucepan/pot except sugar and raisins and bring to a simmer. Add sugar stirring to disolve and add raisins.

Simmer stirring occasionaly until you achieve a jam like texture. (This can take a while. Our August 05 batch was labelled Late Night Chutney - started at 6pm, were bottling after 11pm but we had all burners on the go and put 54 jars away - one a week with a couple spare!I don't know why it took so long - maybe too much vinegar or the simmer was too gentle. Anyway it tastes great).

Bottle in hot sterile jars using wax discs (and make sure the lids have plastic liner or the vinegar will corrode them).

Store in a cool dark place to mature. Try the first jar after 2 - 3 months.

Enjoy with cheese, a hunk of bread, glass of wine. Or on toast. Or with fries. Or on a hamburger.Truly adaptable!


Thanks John, it seems your canning operation is just as, if not more productive.

The bugs have gotten to my cour..er zucchini, but I have some bush scallops that are nicely textured and I'm going to give the recipe a try. The malt vinegar is going to take some time finding, they sell it in miserable little bottles here in the "British Food" section of the store with the PG Tips and tins of Mushy Peas.

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