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I'm tempted to keep a ledger, but the intangibles like labor confound me.

I do know that my San Marzano Tomatoes, after they're bottled are worth about US$300 and the potatoes I spent about $2.50 on gave me a return of about $180.

I think the real cash crop of my garden is herbs. A small bunch of fresh thyme can cost about $2 here in the US and I've grown at leat $200 worth out of a $0.99 packet of seeds.

I think your economist friend needs to consider the health benefits of gardening, the peace of mind, the exercise and hours not spent in front of the television slowly turning one's brain to mush.

blackswamp_girl (Kim)

No ledger here, but I love your type of accounting much more than that of your economist friend! I hope you don't share any of your garden bounty with him unless you charge him--according to his figures, of course! *grin*


Isn't the definition of an economist 'someone who knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing'?

Rebsie Fairholm

Mmm ... I wonder if your economist friend is missing the point.

It's not really about saving money, it's about doing something which is magical and enjoyable and worth doing for its own sake. Some crops give a fantastic return for a small investment and others are costly mistakes. But you can't put a price on the pleasure of tucking into fresh home-grown produce which you've nurtured from seed.

So no, I don't keep a ledger. But I do love Autumn Bliss raspberries.

John Curtin

Clare - they're also students of the 'dismal science' !

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