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I couldn't say if it explains the difference in your handle lengths, but yes the trend certainly is taller.

I was amazed a few years ago at a visit to the Amsterdam Historical Museum. Their recreation of what people looked like 300+ years ago, showed them 2/3 the height of a modern adult. Artifacts like adult shoes and bits of clothing, would only be suitable for young teenagers today.

The biggest change in recent history of the human diet has of course been the post WWII modernizing of agriculture. After which there was a much greater emphasis put on meats and other processed foods. We all know food can make us fat, but sometimes it's easy to forget it can make us tall too.

Few of us raised on this modern diet are shorter than our parents and sometimes taller isn't always better.


I read somewhere that we are indeed getting taller, compared to people from the mid 1800's. Either that, or we are better a designing garden tools. I've got some old hoes, and they also have short handles.

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