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That is quite a vegetable garden. I will have to take the virtual tour

Rebsie Fairholm

Ah yes, the Eden Project is a wonderful place but absolutely swarming with people ... I suppose we should be glad so many people are interested in it, but like you I made a point of visiting slightly out of season when the crowds were more bearable.

I notice Golden Sweet F1 tomatoes are now listed in the 2007 T&M catalogue, but I'm not sure whether or not it's the same variety you're growing. If it is, it'll be interesting to see how true to type the fruits are! I'm all for growing seeds from F1 hybrids just for the element of surprise!

John Curtin


Yes, it is great that some many go - especially those for whom sustainability etc is not high on the agenda - they will come away having learnt something. And judging by the comments I overheard there were quite a lot like that.

Also with the steep slopes in the biomes I quite liked the idea of belaying gardeners swinging about on ropes. Many challenges there!

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