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Very nice! I'm going to have to try this soon. You just can't beat a bit of Yorkshire pud...

Allotment Lady

Can I use chopped up fresh apples and raspberries?

Do you know if it will freeze.

On the other hand, there seems little point I suppose as it is so quick to do. Its just that I have a lot of eggs to use up and wonder if you can freeze a batter mix on its own?

david (snappy)

Lovely idea.My wife makes the most gorgeous yorkshire puddings.Will have to show her the recipe.

John Curtin

Allotment Lady :
I've never tried freezing a batter mix but I do freeze milk and I freeze baked cakes so I guess you could freeze a batter mix???
One thing for sure is you'll probably end up eating all the pudding anyway!
Maybe its worth a try freezing some and seeing how it keeps and how well it takes to heating up after thawing.


I know some expert YP makers insist on heating oil in the tin first then adding the batter to encourage it to rise. Love to hear how your wife gets on with the recipe - maybe she'll think it sacrilege to mess around with a perfectly good Yorkshire Pud!
I've tried commenting on your blog - lots of good photos and comments - can you configure the comments section to allow non Blogger account holders to speak up?!

david (snappy)

I will try it now to reconfigure it john.I must get Sallyanne to make them..

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