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I often find myself bewildered by the choice available of seeds. What's a girl to do? As you rightly say, it's hard to know exactly what is the difference between all these varieties. Actually, most of my seeds come from swaps and gifts and donations, I only rarely have to buy seeds, so it's not a problem I face often.


It's that time of year! It's time when we are all finished gardening (although I just spent the last few days in my garden), and we are all thinking about descriptions in seed catalogs. I noticed conversation on a blog post I commented on almost a year ago has started up again:


This conversation included the CEO of a seed company appearing to defend descriptions he personally wrote.

I was thinking about all the garlic I've been growing, and trying to figure out the best way of describing it to people I might share planting stock with. It's really a hopeless task, it all just tastes like garlic. There are differences for sure between all of them, and I have my favorites without a doubt, but how to describe them...

I came across this description from a company I bought seed stock from this year:

"A Turban hardneck from central Italy, it does well in most climates. The white and purple pinstriped wrapper looks pretty on the kitchen counter. The warm spicy flavor is just what almost any Mediterranean style dish needs."

So just how many descriptions did this guy need to crank out before getting to this one?

I will never be the person a seed company hires to write their catalog for them. It's much more fun to make fun of other people's descriptions!

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