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Wow! That looks fantastic.

kim (blackswamp_girl)

Interesting! Knowing that all of those veggies were grown on your allotment, I would have thought you were in for less than 1,300 miles. Amazing how far food does travel when you add it all up.

About the storing of your potatoes and such in the "clamp," would you mind terribly if I asked you to elaborate a bit? I would love to be able to store more of my harvest next year without buying a whole new freezer, and it sounds like you have some kind of a system...

George Africa

I'm enjoying this all very much but find myself looking up some words that I can't figure out. The harvesting potatoes in July confused me but not as much as this clamp storage method. I have used a root cellar with great success. From what explanations I find this sounds like an outside storage area made of turf stacked up and presumably covered over?

John Curtin

That's pretty much it George and some people put in a downpipe to help with ventilation. If google potato clamp you'll come up with lots of info.

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