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I'm with you, nothing worse than over cooked sprouts!

I haven't harvested any of mine yet, but I'm off to the garden next week for a few days, and I'll get some then. Sometimes a few nights of frost improves the flavor, and I've been holding out for that, but it's not looking like frost is coming anytime soon...

kim (blackswamp_girl)

Ick... overcooked sprouts are so slimy. *wrinkles nose* I don't do butter, but I have been known to sprinkle some sea salt on them.

Does it make that much of a difference in taste to grow your own brussels sprouts? I've never tried.

John Curtin

Yep some salt really brings out the taste and growing your own can't be beaten - you can choose variety, size and growing season so you'll have fresh sprouts through the winter (in theory anyway)!


Any 'cole' plant takes a lot of space in the garden and dealing with the usual pests (club root, caterpillars and cabbage fly root maggots) can be a real pain. There can also be a lot of variability, you can plant 10 plants and get 10 different degrees of success. Of course if all doesn't go well, the results can be less than exciting.

If all goes well, the taste of home grown brussel sprouts can be really unforgettable. Nothing like what you get in the store. They can take on a really nice peppery flavor that's hard to describe.

Two of my favorite heirloom varieties are Long Island Improved and Mezo Nano. With LI Improved it's particularly important to wait until the plants have been through a few nights of solid frost before harvesting the sprouts.

George Africa

Hello John;

Brussel sprouts are one of those "love 'em, hate 'em" vegetables. I remember all too well when I was a kid in the early 50's in Vermont--times were tough and a post war depression was still well entrenched. This time of year Pop would give me the hatchet long before dark and tell me to go cut a stalk of brussel sprouts. Back then the snow was always deeper than I was tall so just getting to the garden behind the barn was a treat. I didn't mind the job as much as I disliked eating brussel sprouts.

50 years later I love the things, but not overcooked as my mother had a habit of doing. I also like them 3/4's cooked by boiling and then cut in half and browned in butter in a frying pan and then complemented with a lemon butter sauce with thyme and fresh dill.

Although a big storm is brewing today, there's little snow here. I do, however, have a paper bag full of brussel sprouts in the fridge!

George Africa

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