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Yolanda Elizabet


I've planted some Red Duke of York too. For me it's the first time that I grow my own potatoes. Reading your blog it looks like you're an experienced person as far as growing potatoes are concerned. ;-)

BTW Found you via Kate Smudges.

---Yolanda, you'll like Red Duke of York, they look good on the plate, they harvest early and they taste good!


I have a small garden and planted 6 potatoes last year, I used straw to cover the plants but ended up with mice and rotted stems. This year I would like to plant them again and would like a sugestion on how to mound the dirt so it don't wash away when it rains.

Thank You

The more you mound up (within reason) the less it matters if some washes away in the rain (in my experience the rain has to be very hard to cause this). Also you might make the mound shallow sloping, not steep sided which should help prevent movement. If it does wash away then you'll just have to earth it up again which shouldn't be too big a job if you don't have many tubers.

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