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Mixed Gourds!

Yolanda Elizabet

From your friendly online translator: those are for ornamental purposes only.


They are decorative squashes!

'Sier' means 'decorate'. I think you probably could eat them if you want to but here they are grown as autumn decorations.

Don't plant too many - just one or two - and try them at the end of the season. They have decorative (not for consumption) cucumbers too that are all prickly and apparently taste terrible.

Did you buy them in a shop called Hema? The packaging looks familiar :)


you are right, it's french, german and dutch..

John Curtin

Humph! Decorative --- don't think I'll bother with them as they'll take up valuable veg space!!
Thanks to all for replying and yes Ash, I got them in Hema!


Aha! I knew I could spot the packaging :) Hema is a nice shop. It always has something that one wants to buy in it :) A bit like Woolworths used to be I guess.

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