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Whew... what a lot of work! How is your back holding up? Sounds like limiting the digging is keeping you in the swing of other things, at least.

By the way, I am enamored of Beth Chatto's gravel garden! I really should buy that book, as many times as I check it out of the library and read it at the local bookstore while drinking tea. I just finished reading "Dear Friend and Gardener," a chronicle of her correspondence with the late Christo, and it was absolutely delightful. A good read for more insight into the workings of her gardens as well.

---Kim, I was going to suggest Dear Friend and Gardener - a lovely book. I've not read anything by Christo, maybe I should.


Have you spotted that you've been nominated for 'Best International Blog' over at http://www.inthegardenonline.com/mt/finalballot.htm?

----No I didn't know until you tipped me off! Good luck to you too on the podcast nomination!!!

Brooke Heppinstall

Kale,peas,cabbages . . .mmm,it must be lunch time. Reading this is making me hungry. It's nice to know you're not under the snow still waiting to plant.

I'm bookmarking you into a special folder so I can dig in to your enticing links and check out the rest of your blog. This looks like a good place to veg out with a cup of tea when I'm done potting up in the greenhouse.

Back to the mines . . . and snow.

Brooke Heppinstall
Palmer, Alaska

----Thanks for bookmarking, I hope you enjoy it. Guess it'll be a while before you're free of snow!!

Yolanda Elizabet

Hi John,

You've been very busy I see. Good grief, are you trying to feed a whole orphanage? ;-)

How lovely that you grow some heirloom tatties as well. Let me know how they taste, especially the Irish ones!

Congratulations on your place as a finalist in the Mouse & Trowel Awards thingy! Well done!

BTW I've linked with you too.


Thanks Yolanda. There's only the two of us but we like to eat well. Congrats to you too! Is there a fancy award ceremony where everyone can turn up in their dirty gardening gear! Good luck.

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