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What a horrible thing to happen ... it seems particularly nasty in an allotment, where people are really grafting to make the world a better place ...

Cup of tea? Large whisky!

Best wishes,


A pox on them, I say. That's a real shame, such a waste.


Sorry to hear you lost your Father's tools and the rest, good thing the garden wasn't touched. If it had been my shed, the fire would have been spectacular since I keep several 5 gallon gasoline cans in there.


That's really a shame. What kind of a person would do something like that! What a waste.

You said before your only source of water was off the roof of buildings, so I guess you have less water now too.

---Patrick, even less as two water butts went up in smoke as well!


Your shed and the Cutty Sark.
little gits.

-----Frankie, didn't think of that - good company!


That is so terrible! How devastating that is. I am really sorry someone burned your shed down. Try not to think of it too much while you are on your holiday.

Not that there really is a bright side, but at least you can put the ashes and cinders into compost and your shed will continue to work for you-just in another way.


What an absolute shame !!! But...I have always found that what goes around, comes around. They'll get their come-uppance in time.

Rebsie Fairholm

Bastards indeed. I'm really sorry to hear about this, John. Unfortunately it seems to have happened to quite a few people I know and sadly there are a lot of ignorant blighters out there with so little decency and imagination they only know how to amuse themselves by wrecking the hard work of others. Insurance can't replace your father's tools anyway. I don't suppose there's a hope in hell of catching the buggers, but they should be put in the stocks and pelted with rotten vegetables.


God, that makes me angry. That's so rubbish, especially when you stored things with so much sentimental value to them.

Hope you had a nice holiday though.

---Thanks mildew. Just realised another tool is gone - my asparagus knife! Bummer. Holiday great, didn't think of the F...*&*&^...S who did it at all!!!


Argh... that's so rough, John. I'm sorry to hear it, but hope that the holiday acted somewhat as a balm. From the looks of that view, there at least was a chance of it making you feel better. :)


As a fellow recent fire victim you have my sympathy. That's a horrid thing to happen.

---Hello Luke. Thanks. Well I'm thankful it wasn't my house.

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