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Sue Swift

Just in time - thank you, John. I'm coming back to England tomorrow, and have a bagful. Now I know I don't have to hide them ...

Celia Hart

Pretty much the same in my garden too the runner beans have loved all the rain and have put on massive growth up a giant rustic archway we've consructed spanning two of the raised beds.

Thanks for the link about seed imports - I always buy packets of seed on foreign trips - and make sure my husband buys his quota too.



I just had a look on the Dutch customs website. Here is my best stab at translating their list of forbidden items:

weapons and munitions

child pornography


illegal drugs

precursors for making illegal drugs

certain foods

protected plants and animals

meat and meat products

plants and flowers

counterfeit goods

items of cultural importance (probably including archaeological treasures, museum pieces, etc)


ozone depleting chemicals (CFCs, etc)

anything containing cadmium


Looks like seeds are okay!

That line saying certain foods makes me suspect potatoes might not be allowed here either.

I know garlic is okay!

Yolanda Elizabet

It stands to reason that seeds are safe but that some plants may be dangerous because they can harbour certain plant diseases and we don't want them to spred around.

Hopefully August will be a better month weather wise than July has been. Too much rain for my liking although my corn did pretty well because of it.

BTW have you seen the pics on my blog of a very special kitchen garden? I think you will like it.


I know I'm allowed to bring seeds back from Europe, but I prefer to pretend I'm smuggling them. Much more fun than ordering them on the internet.


I've also looked into the import regulations. The DEFRA (formerly MAFF...) website is pretty good.


I found that DEFRA website really useful as I love to buy seeds to try at home. I usually take a printout in my hand luggage as well, just in case the customs officers aren't as clued up !

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