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I remember an old neigbhour with a large asparagus patch dividing up and moving some of his asparagus to other parts of his garden. I just went to Google and typed in "transplanting asparagus". There is an interesting article with detailed instructions and good hints on the mother earth news website (about the second hit).

Good luck - I'll be interested in knowing how you fare!!

----Kate thanks for the Google link. I'll check it out


Good luck with the asparagus. It would be a real shame to leave it. I guess you will have to shift a lot of soil. There is quite a difference between 2/3 year old crowns and what you have? If you haven't already got enough on your plate (no pun intended), I've tagged you with the Seven Random Garden Things About Me Meme - details of which are on my blog.


From what my Uncle tells me moving your asparagus is an iffy thing. He says most of it will probably die and the harvests you get from what lives won't be worth the effort.

----Interesting. So I guess it's back to getting new crowns and waiting until about 2010 before getting a decent crop!


Hi John,

I hope you are not flooded out, garden or house ... but the worst seems to be over on the Thames for now, and the predicted surge for Henley never materialised last night, although the level went up about 3 inches overnight.

Asparagus ... we have such trouble with it. Farmers growing it on a large scale tend to grow it on a three-year rotation (none of that wait-five-years-then grow-it-forever stuff!) .. ie Yr 1, plant crowns, yr 2 pick cautiously, Yr 3 pick all you can then plough in. As our heavy clay means it doesn't want to grow here, we are starting to do this so that we can put more sand into the soil every third year.

Whichever way you do it, it's a long-term project ... but somehow strangely worthwhile!

Good luck with the move


---Thanks Joanna. Yep it is a long term project but I learnt my lesson last time when I didn't plant up an asparagus bed immediatley I moved. All I did was postpone the day I could harvest! This time I'll stake my claim - we're not intending to move for another 20 or 30 years - how's that for an act of faith!

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