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I'm getting really tired of this weather! About 15 years ago I remember there was a summer like this, just one gray rainy day after another.

-----Yep Patrick. It's tiresome. And to top it all yesterday evening we had thunder, lightening and hail. Now today we've high winds and everything is getting a battering!


It's hard to believe we had a drought last year and the fears this was going to happen every summer. Strange isn't it? And boring too. I want the sun to come out for a proper amount of time!


That is a beautiful picture ... until last week, I could have commiserated about the weather. Suddenly we are in the 30c range - bright sun, less wind - and the garden is going wild. My pumpkins are blossoming like crazy this week!

----Kate, this weather is crazy, hail a few days ago and now high winds battering the crops!

Yolanda Elizabet

The weather is really bad, isn't it? Over here it's raining buckets too and last week I did lit a fire in the evening because it was just too cold for comfort.

Hoepfully it will get better soon and we can all be in our gardens again. I've bought a lot of plants during my holiday but am unable to plant them right now. They can't swim, you see? ;-)

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