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You could get really artsy-fartsy and build a climbing frame that mimicked the shape of the shed. Maybe Saatchi will buy it? All kidding aside, it's nice that the rose has come back.

---Steven, maybe I could, Damian Hirst like, preserve the rose in formaldehyde, mount it in a glass case studded with diamonds and, excuse the pun, sell it for a shed load of money.


Don't you just love nature? I was (and am still) amazed by the devestation wraught by Mt St Helens in the US a few years back, and the way the surrounding nature has tried to come back. Like you say...plants want to grow...it's as simple as that.

-----Yes they do including the weeds! I've no water source on my allotment (except for butts filled by rainwater) and I'm still abe to produce pretty decent crops


So glad the rose has come back - as you say, plants just want to grow, and roses are often pretty tough


I missed out on your post about the vandalised shed. That is really disheartening to read. Thank goodness the rose came back ... it is a tenacious one! Are you planning to rebuild?

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