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I'm growing a really nice shallot right now called Greeley Bunching Onion. I don't have enough to send you a really nice plantings worth, because I am still trying to grow out what I got last year, but I could send you 1 or 2 if you wanted to make a small trial planting.

I also have a number of peas left over from last year. Rebsie tried the Taiwan Snow Pea, and really liked it. Have you grown Capucijners, the dry soup pea? That one is also nice. I don't know a lot about my other peas, because I mostly grew them out for seeds and didn't eat them (I ate a lot of peas that year!). I can send you any you're interested in. Have a look at my seeds offered list if you're interested.

---Thanks Patrick. I was thinking of shallots this year but hold on to yours as I'm not at all sure of the growing conditions I'll have so I wouldn't want to waste them.

miss hathorn

Ditto on the sweetcorn and I think all that wet diluted the flavour of the few tomatoes I got as well. Alas, my parsnips show some signs of canker so I'll be looking for a more resistant variety next year. Although my celeriacs are the biggest I've ever managed, on close inspection the carrot root fly has been there ahead of me. Sigh.

----Ah! Didn't realise that carrot root fly attacks celeriac. I suppose you could protect them with a barrier but I never seem to get around to that or have enough material to hand to cover a full row. Must get better organised!


I read that butternut squash is really better off in a greenhouse in our climate. I too have had poor results outside so that is my next project....in the tunnel next year.

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