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Yes, the red ones will keep their color after cooking, and might even bleed a bit. It looks really nice if you mix the red and green ones together before serving them, but I would cook them separately.

The problem I had with the red ones is the sprouts were tiny. You may find they are as developed now as they are going to get.


Beautiful sprouts. They're good roasted with some shallots and Italian bacon too. If you're going to have butter, you may as well have pork fat!


Hiya, nice blog. Just out of interest, when did you sow your sprout plants and when did they get planted out. I think mine were a little late...My purple sprouting broccoli is the other way round, it is huge as i planted it in april, but i've seen some people have plants that are still quite small...brassicas are my weakness!

-----Thank you. Don't have my notes with me as I write (I have a plan of the beds and write in -usually- when I've sowed,tranasplanted etc) but looking at my desk calendar I had planned to sow BPs in the seed bed week beginning 16 April so I'm guessing they were planted out in final position end of May/early June.
But I do remember getting the PSB in very early (end March/early April) and it is now about shoulder high!


My rubines stay red - they are delicious stir fried with bacon.

----Good to know that, now all I want is for them to get to a decent size. With bacon eh? Bring it on!

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