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I don't know if I'm in a blogger ghetto, but I find that having to type everything in every time for typepad is a pain, and I'm not clear what the difference is ...

All I know is that blogging is about forming a community - and that means jumping through the hoops and COMMENTING

I don't mean this to sound critical .... it's just that I don't see how the whole active blogger community can just upsticks and move their blogs, when half of us can barely understand a word of techie jargon ;)

But now I'll get over the blogger and rant for all I'm worth ... thanks for pointing this out


---Hi Joanna,
Thanks for that. I'll check how my comments are set up (I know that when I comment on other typepad blogs they all have predictive typing so I don't have to go through the whole rigmarole again. I'll see if I can get mine to do that.

I think the point with Blogger is that it will not let you comment without first setting up an account with them. That's different to the pain of having to type in your info and then answer an anti spam question - I think we just accept this as part of the territory of blogging.

Of course you can comment anonymously on Blogger but I think the whole point is to make yourself known to others so that a sense of community is created.

I treat blogging very much as 'over the garden gate' chats, learning, passing on information, having a laugh - a thing that I miss out on as many friends and neighbours do not have the time or interest in gardening or food.

Bloggers current insistence on having an account feels like being held over a barrel - rather like some printers only working with proprietary ink cartridges. Now I know Blogger is free; Typepad you pay for (though not much and it is very simple to use). I don't know if Wordpress charges.

Resist restriction; fight for the freedom to comment! Rant away! Best wishes, John


Maybe i'm missing something here, but I just went to my blog and posted 2 comments without giving them any details of my blogger account, and it worked perfectly. you can even type in your nick or your URL address if you want and the owner of that blog will be able to track your blog. As I sayd...maybe I'm missing something here

----Hi Gintoino, same thing happens when I go to my blog;I'm guessing it knows who I am. I'll take a look at your blog. Cheers. John

Sue Swift

Hi John,
Typepad drives me mad because it takes so long to load - but it's worth it to read your posts :)

I'm really annoyed with Blogger for what they've done. If I set my comments permissions to "anyone", I want it to mean just that. I shall take your advice and complain.

----Thanks Sue, didn't know that typepad takes time to load, I've not experienced that with other typepad blogs. Really it seems each platform has its own hassles but when the provider makes it difficult to let others participate (rather than your choice) it's not a good thing!Seasons greetings.John

susan harris

Ballsy? Us sweet things? Okay, I'll take ballsy over boring any day.


Hi in posting a comment here i found the form already filled in with my details not sure why other than i must have commented on another typad blog as this is my first visit to yours - I THINK!
However blogger sites are a real pain for me as i am based in France everything defaults to French (which i am not very good at yet)and I have trouble reading the anti spam texts to such an extent i need two or three goes to get passed it. Perhaps i should get some glasses but I suspect i would still have a problem with it.

Hi Laura - not sure if you've visited before but I did go to your site through a link from - who knows! Seems like you are doing some interesting and challenging gardening there!

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