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I think it's a matter of whether the blog owner sets the comment preferences to "anyone can comment".

---Hi Steven, when they do it makes it so much easier!


This is apparently a new development. I just heard about it on one of my other blogs this morning.

Thinking I may have to jump ship to another host. Such a pain, but I don't think people should have to have a permanent account just to leave a comment.



Blogger gives you several options for comments. Off the top of my head I can't remember what the default setting is, but you can set them so that they accept comments from everyone, anyone with a Google account or only members of the blog. You can then choose whether or not to enable comment moderation or word verification. Bloggers tend to lock them down after a while because Blogspot comments are often victims of spam attacks.

----Hi Emma,
A number of the blogspot blogs I comment on did have the various options you write about but recently they all seem to require a Google account and, to my mind, it's an obstacle to easy and quick commenting.
Hope your podcasting etc is going well


I think they just don't allow URLs any more.

Google/Blogger has this very annoying feature of auto-detecting what country you're in and giving the interface in that language. Because of that I can only guess at the English word, but when you leave a comment isn't there an option to give something like an alias? It's the middle option, not login to your blogger account and not anonymous.

Anyway, in this space you can leave your name but not URL. I guess this is to cut back on spam links.

Have a look at my comment here:


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