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SO glad to have this link - wonderful song, wonderful to find that the Bonzos have made another record (that dates me twice over!) - and lovely to find that they too have become entranced by PSB as the decades have rolled on ;)

Thanks, John!


Sue Swift

I'm a lonely little petunia in an onion bed ..
You say tomato and I say tomato ...
I'm Popeye the sailor man ... I fight to finish 'cos I eat my spinach

Those are all that came to mind, but if you Google "(name of vegetable) lyrics" loads come up. amongst the highlights :
Boiled Okra and Spinach by Trout Fishing in America
Hot Potatoes - Kinks
Digging my potatoes - Big Bill Bronzy
Home Grown Tomatoes - John Denver


'Love Apple Farm' left me this link to the video of the Austrian vegetable orchestra. Maybe you've seen it before...


Rebsie Fairholm

I love the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band!

I haven't yet written any songs about vegetables, but I have written one about leafblowers, if that counts. Somebody just made a video for it, so I've posted that on my blog in the hope it will appeal to likeminded souls who abhor noisy garden powertools.

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