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Ed Bruske

great post, good practical advice. thanks for taking the time to do it


Now that you have a greenhouse, your tomatoes will probably do a lot better if you grow them inside.

You really should try some different tomatoes. It's not that what you grow might be good too, but there are so many fantastic heirloom tomatoes. I suspect you don't know what you're missing. Like the garlic, part of what's special about heirloom tomatoes is the variety and being able to grow lots of different kinds.

I can send some seeds if you're interested.


I just stumbled across this blog today, and thanks for this great post! I've been gardening for years, but never seem to recall (or make note of) how much to plant for our needs. I'll be referring to this post once spring arrives and I can plant.


Yolanda Elizabet

Thanks for this very informative post John. I haven't been growing veggies long (2 years) so still got lots to learn. That Autumn Bliss raspberry sounds great, have to see if I can find one too.
Over here the tomatoes didn't do well either last year. Many of my garden club friends had the same experience. 2007 simply wasn't a good year for tomatoes, hopefully this year will be much better. I'm growing cherry tomatoes, french gourmande and the heirloom cherokee purple. A greenhouse is a great asset to the gardener, I've had one for 2 years now and am very pleased with it as it makes gardening so much easier.


Reading this made me hungry, too. And I realized that I would have to get rid of all of my ornamentals in order to be as productive as your garden... or move to a larger plot somehow.

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