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Cycling home from work through Hyde Park, gardening on the Downs ... how long does your commute take? And do you always bike?

----Joanna - I only get to garden on the allotment and by the Downs at weekends meanwhile I'm in London with an 8mile round trip on the bike - takes about half an hour. A daily ride to the Downs would be a bit much! Though I did cycle from Guildford to Shoreham a few weeks ago along the abandoned rail line now restored as a green corridor - not very thrilling but did nearly 50 miles in four and half hours! All part of training for a ride from Seville to Salamanca in Spring.

Sue Swift

Will you post a photo of the trees in the summer too John? I'd love to see the final effect.

-----Hi Sue, I've put it in the diary though nudge me if you don't see anything up by June!

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