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Yolanda Elizabet

What a fragrant lot on your table this time. It's a pity the Camellia isn't scented.

Wintersweet is on my to buy list but it's difficult to find. The Sweet or Christmas Box I have too and you are right the scent is too much at the dining table. I put a sprig or two in the hallway or in the bathroom and that works much better.

-----Yolanda, you'll love the wintersweet, fragrance in the garden is so evocative. Best wishes, John

Sue Swift

Had no idea that there was a lonicera that flowered at this time.

Lonicera always reminds me of the house we lived in when was small. We had a husge one over the back garden gate, where a blackbird made its nest every year. I have a vivid memory of the smell and the cheeping of the chicks from deep inside.

---Hi Sue, fragrance really does awaken memories even more so than sight or sound perhaps. The fragrant honeysuckle flowers December to March. It's a shrub so maybe you could grow it on the balcony?


The Camellia's colour is great - I can only imagine how lovely the scent of the Wintersweet is. The berries on the Sweet Box are striking.

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