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Rebsie Fairholm

Lovely to meet you, John. I hope you get on well with the Magnum Bonum ... I think it's even better than Ne Plus Ultra and I'll be interested to find out whether you agree!

It was a Nikon D40 I was using. One of the cheapest digital SLRs, but I've been very impressed with it. Jessops do a very good price on them.


I was so sorry that a mild crisis here kept me away ... it looked like fun, and I was very sorry indeed to miss the talks

Next year ...


John Spagnoli

I really enjoy reading blogs from around the world. I certainly enjoyed yours..


Hi John,

It was great to finally meet you, thanks for coming. Good luck with your remodelling. Maybe we'll see each other again next year.

Simon Kirby

Hi John, it was good to meet you, I'm sorry we didn't have a chance for a good chat, I'd have liked that. Anywho, I've found your blog now.

Cheers, Simon


Great to meet you, John. See you again next year?

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